Some of our capabilities include:

1. Brand Strategy

The brand strategy stage helps to create insights that allow you to plan and be well prepared to service your customers needs. Through a process of conversation and fact finding, we would form a definitive strategy for the project clarifying requirements, insights, tone of voice, marketing plan, creative & technical briefs, site maps and content strategies that inform our design activity. 

Our activity is spilt into two distinct areas of activity:

1. Conversation & Fact Finding

This is the stage that we meet up with key stakeholders to exchange ideas and participate in workshops which enables the conduct of research, gathering of insights and setting the agenda for a project.

2. Definition of Strategy

A clear definition of your project which would contain the results of the fact finding exercise including:

  • A focused business strategy including general requirements, insights and marketing plans
  • Creative and technical briefs including guidance for user experience and technological requirements
  • Information architecture including site maps for any digital activity.
  • Content strategies including summary of deliverables

2. Design

This is the stage where we visualise the project’s brand strategy through a variety of design services including identity design, data visualisation, web & mobile design and motion graphics. The tools we use to create appropriate visual systems include conceptualisation, graphic design, web design, visual storytelling, responsive design and good user-experience.  These services are delivered through the framework of our key principles.

Identity Design

Using the information gathered at the Brand Strategy phase, we can define a desirable on and offline Brand Identity. This is created through a process of creative conceptualisation, art direction and graphic design. The product of this process is then refined to create a set of visuals systems which form the final identity and Brand Guidelines documentation.

Data Visualisation

Clear and well presented content, driven by data, is king in the fast moving digital landscape. Whether you’re designing a data presentation for investors or looking to advance your business through the ‘Internet of Things’, data desires to be represented in a visual format.  We take data sets and make them accessible through good looking formed through the art of data visualisation, infographics  and visual storytelling. This gives the data  context and meaning in a growing digital landscape of data. 

Digital Design

We create interface design which ignites desirable customer to business interaction across desktop, tablet and mobile whether it’s for a an ecommerce website website or a specific mobile app. We create meaning and usability through conceptual and functional web design, responsive design and good UX.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics helps us to engage customers and explain how your service or product works. It can help increase effectiveness by bringing content to life, adding meaning to data and visual storytelling. Motion Graphics also allows a customer to be engaged and retained beyond the impact of the visual, through the power of narration and the visceral nature of music.

3. Technology

Our technological teams are ‘front-end’ led and focused on HTML(5), CSS, Javascript, WordPress for our content management solution. We are experts in these specific mobile led technologies which are driving the modern internet.  Our ‘front-end’ led focus enables our projects to provide sophisticated customer to business interaction and light weight development cycles.  The technology team’s approach cross fertilises with the design teams to enable your projects to be high performing with usability at their centre. 

Front End Technology

We are experts in the latest web technologies dominating the modern Internet, including HTML / HTML5, CSS and Javascript. We also utilise CSS frameworks such as boilerplate and SASS. 


We specialise in WordPress, a powerful and easy to use Content Management System and gives you use full control over the content on your website.  WordPress is used by over 25 million websites worldwide, including subsidiary sites for industry giants such as BBC, Reuters, the New York Times, Nikon, Pepsi, Nokia and over 30 Fortune 500 companies. 

WordPress has many of the standard features you’d expect from a modern open source CMS such as being fast to set up, easy to use, unrestricted in creative design integration, fully optimised for mobile & tablets and has comprehensive social media & SEO integration.  

Additionally, a big advantage of using WordPress is that it happily supports plugins, making it highly flexible and customisable to suit different website needs. WordPress Plugins can be installed into WordPress to add features and functionality cost effectively. For example if you wanted to create an ecommerce driven website we could integrate the woocommerce ecommerce plugin. Plugins like this help keep your build costs to a minimum.  If the plugin is not in existence we can extend existing plugins or create brand new ones to meet your requirements.  


As well as creating browser driven mobile experiences, we specialise in the creation of native App development using web standards. We utilise a web-based mobile development framework, that allows you to use standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for cross-platform development, avoiding each mobile platform’s native development language. Applications execute within wrappers targeted to each platform, and rely on standards-compliant API bindings to access each device’s sensors, data, and network status. The potential cost savings of using a web standards based solution, which can be utilised across  iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, make this an attractive option.

4. eCommerce

We specialise in a WordPress eCommerce toolkit that helps you sell your products through a value driven proposition beautifully. WooCommerce integrates with WordPress and helps transform your website into a thorough-bred eCommerce store. Delivering enterprise-level quality & features, backed by a name you can trust.  Some highlights of our specialist eCommerce toolkit include: